Medium sized, elegant cat, slim and muscular. Body long and supple. Neck long and slender. Chest and shoulders never wider than hips. Legs are long and slim. Paws dainty and oval, with long toes (monkey fingers). Whipped tail, very long, thin from base to end, tapering to a fine tip.
Head: Wedged skull. The wedge flaring in straight outward lines on both sides from the nose to the ears. Long and straight nose, flat forehead. The profile is slightly convex. Fine muzzle, well developed
chin, lining up with tip of nose in the same vertical plane.
Ears: Very large, wide at base and pointed; outside lines are set to continue the wedge.
Eyes: Almond shaped, slightly slanted towards the nose, in harmony with the wedge shaped head. Eye colour is vivid green, in colourpoints intensive blue, the deeper the better.
Coat: The skin is soft and easily sliding, completely bare or covered with fine down. Numerous wrinkles
on the head, less on the body. Whiskers are desired. Kittens and juniors can be covered by fine
down hair on the legs, feet, tail and muzzle, which should disappear in adults by 2 years of age. Completely bare cats are preferred.
Colour Varieties: All colours are allowed. The description is listed in the General Colour Guide.
Faults: Absence of wrinkles on the head, not straight front legs, extremely fine boning .
Remark: Outcrossing to other bare cats is not allowed. Outcrossing to Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Shorthair and –Semi-Longhair is allowed

Scale of Points :

Body 30 points
Head 35 points
Skin 25 points
Colour 5 points
Condition 5 points