The Peterbald breed was founded in the end of 1995 as a result of experimental mating of Don Sphynx male called GICH Afinogen Myth and WCH Oriental female Radma von Jagerhov.

The breed was created by a well known Russian felinologist Olga S. Mironova. First two litters gave four peterbald kittens: Mandarin iz Murino, Muscat iz Murino, Nezhenka iz Murino and Nocturne iz Murino.
In 1996 breed was adopted in Russian Selectional Feline Federation with a standard and an abbreviation PBD. In 1997 it was adopted in The International Cat Association (TICA) (PB), and in 2003 in World Cat Federation (WCF). In this year (2005) Peterbalds we hope will be adopted in FIFE. Used handles of the breed are: PBD, PTB, PD and PSX.

These days the breed develops in the direction of modern Oriental type, that is long muzzle, set apart ears, flat cheek bones, elegant body on long legs. This is why all standards for this breed encourages mating with Oriental and Siamese cats and semi-longhair variations of those (called balinese and javanese).
The Peterbald is the newest hairless breed. They are descended from the Russian Don Hairless breed with outcrosses to Oriental and Siamese cats. They are unrelated to the Sphynx, as the gene that causes the hairlessness is different.

The Peterbald is a graceful, muscular, foreign-bodied cat with long legs and fine to medium boning. They have a long, whippy tail, oval feet, wedge-shaped heads and delicate, warm, elastic, “chamois-like” skin. They are found in a wide range of colors and patterns, including colorpoint.  They are lively, intelligent companions.

Cats younger than two years of age may have a soft, wavy coat along any or all of the body. True baldness begins from the head, neck and upper part of the back. If any coat remains it is short, soft, and wavy on the extremities – the muzzle, base of ears, forelegs, feet, or along some or all of the tail.
Associations: The Peterbald is accepted for championship status in its native Russia. They are accepted in  WCF, TICA and from 2007 january will be adopted in FIFE.

Peterbalds marking: