Many breeders have cats who MARK TERRITORY :( uf… i have the same problem.

All cat houses that I’ve bought over the years are made from wooden boards. So, after several “territory markings” I had to throw them away :(

I always wondered why can’t the houses be made from plastic?
First, it would be light.
Second, it can be washed multiple times.

Once I brought back home a box from vegetables and saw that cats love to sit in it … EUREKA!!!! So I thought I could make an excellent plastic house out of it.

You can see below how I made my (1) winter cat house (‘single-story house’) and (2) a ‘two-story house’ for the outside enclosure.

I also have many plans how make ‘playgrounds’ for kittens. As soon as I will have some free time I’ll make it and of course upload step-by-step photos. If you have any questions about these DIY cat houses feel free to write me at and I’ll try to explain :)



(1) Single-story house:


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(2) Two-story house:


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Few other photos of my previous cat houses:

cat houses


Scratcher (for those of you who wonder how tall should the scratcher be — it should be th same height as is the full length of your cat when it is streching):

scratcher P.S. My advise is to use 8mm sisal rope.