Peterbald is a breed of hairless cats, the most rare in the world and very recently developed.
There are two other hairless breeds of cats and Peterbald is distinguished from those two with more elegant boning, long and fine legs with firm musculature, Oriental head and large set apart ears.
Peterbalds have sweet temper and they are peaceful, curious, smart and energetic cats. Peterbalds have some Oriental blood in their veins and they inherited from Orientals dog-like attachment to their owners. They love to communicate with people and do not belong to an independent kind of cats.

The Peterbald is the newest hairless breed. They are descended from the Russian Don Hairless breed with outcrosses to Oriental and Siamese cats. They are unrelated to the Sphynx, as the gene that causes the hairlessness is different.
The Peterbald is a graceful, muscular, foreign-bodied cat with long legs and fine to medium boning. They have a long, whippy tail, oval feet, wedge-shaped heads and delicate, warm, elastic, “chamois-like” skin. They are found in a wide range of colors and patterns, including colorpoint. Eye color generally conforms to coat (skin) color. They are lively, intelligent companions.
Cats younger than two years of age may have a soft, wavy coat along any or all of the body. True baldness begins from the head, neck and upper part of the back. If any coat remains it is short, soft, and wavy on the extremities – the muzzle, base of ears, forelegs, feet, or along some or all of the tail.

Peterbald’s are graceful oriental type cats. The slightly wrinkled body is long and lean with strong fine bones. The Peterbald cat’s head is wedge-shaped with oval eyes and high cheekbones. The whiskers are wavy or broken off near the skin. The tail is long and straight. The pointed ears are large, broad at the base, and set straight. The Peterbald’s skin is soft like a chamois cloth or a peach.
The Peterbald comes in several different “coat types.” The Peterbald kitten can be born bald or with a little hair. Those born with hair will normally lose the hair between the ages of 1 to 1-1/2 years old. There is also a “brush coat” Peterbald. The brush coat is usually more permanent. It is a non-shedding wiry feeling coat.
Balding begins from the head, neck, and upper back. If any coat remains, it is very soft, short, and wavy. This will be on the muzzle, base of the ear, forelegs, feet, and the last 1/3 of the tail.

Russian Peterbalds are very friendly. They are curious and playful cats. They make friends easily with their human companions and other animals, especially dogs. They will greet you whenever you come home. Whenever possible, they enjoy sitting by a window where the sunshine comes in. Peterbalds like to snuggle next to you and they like to be under the covers. The Peterbalds are intelligent and very affectionate cats. They make excellent loving companions.

The Peterbald is a very friendly, outgoing, and very intelligent cat. Although they are outcrossed with Siamese they are not as noisy, and also more peaceful cats. A Peterbald cat loves his owner, and does not mind to make friends with strangers. They are graceful cats, that get very well along with other animals in the house. Peterbald cats can easily stay in a small place like a flat, not like their blood brothers, the siamese, who are just too inquisitive to stay in one place.

Although one might think that this new breed will have lots of problems due to inbreeding etc, they are very strong, healthy cats. Peterbalds are super cats to have as companion animals, with this extra bonus that they do not shed!