In USA, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, France, Monaco, Belgium,
Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy,
Latvia, Estonia, Russia, and maybe some other countries that I forgot :)


I love when kittens’ owners come to us to take kitten themselves or I bring kitten to them, but I understand, that this is not cheap and sometimes impossible, so I can send kittens in a few ways:

1) kitten owner and I try to ask of our friends (or -for example- ask in Lithuanian embassy or Lithuanian community) maybe somebody plans to fly from Lithuania to owner’s country. And if Yes, maybe they can take kitten. In this case we bring kitten to airport and new owner takes it from airport. In this case the costs are “kitten ticket” and some gift (or money) for person who took care of the kitten during the trip.

2) I have friends who own a minibus company and they travel to most of Europe. Usually we send kittens in minibuses. In this case trip takes longer and costs around 150 Euro.

3) there always are Cargo companies left :) but this way is expensive…

Whatever your circumstances are, together we can find the best solution !!! ;)