we Few years ago Peterbald cat named Bastet came to live with us at our home. She was already 3.5 years old. We were looking at her strange eyes, very gently and carefully touched her skinny body; every morning we were surprised to see her “alien” face staring at us. Actually, before her we DID NOT EVEN LIKE CATS… but all of a sudden we fell in love… this breed found a special place deep in our hearts and it stayed there forever. Even now we still say that we are those who don’t like cats. Yes yes. We don’t like cats who go wherever they want to, who live for themselves, ‘who think that human beings are only staff giving them food…’ So with big pleasure we would like to present you our beloved breed – Peterbald.

In the Peterbald cats we found everything we wanted from the animal: loyalty of a dog, playfulness of a monkey, sagacity of a fox, elegance of a panther, looks of a human, wisdom of an elephant, and a bit of an “alien” appearance…


These cats are great companion!

They will love all your family, kids or other pets, but each family member will think that cat loves them the most :) These cats will enjoy travelling with you with big pleasure, because the biggest happiness for them is to be with you. These cats will love you and trust you unconditionally without any rules. These cats will win your heart for eternity!

Once you adopt a Peterbald you will never think of any other breed!

Peterbald is a synonym for a word ‘Ideal’!

Our Location

‘Ideal cat’ cattery is located in Lithuania, a small EU country next to Baltic Sea.

We live in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius.

Cattery is register in World Cat federation (WCF), and in The International Cat Association (TICA)


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Galaxy*LT is our former and currently non-existent name. It was first registered as Galaxy cattery, but later on, as we joined WCF we had to change our name to Ideal Cat cattery because name ‘Galaxy ‘ was already taken.